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Mediator Party Evaluation

  1. To help us to maintain the quality of the mediation program, please answer all of the questions below. Your responses will be kept confidential and will be used to evaluate our services. No identifying information about you will be released.
  2. What is your relationship to the child(ren)?
  3. The following questions ask about your experience during the mediation session. Please check one box for each question.
  4. How clearly did the mediator explain what would happen in mediation?
  5. Were you able to talk about the issues and concerns that were most important to you?
  6. Did you have the opportunity to express your feelings in mediation?
  7. Did the mediator keep you focused on what was best for the children?
  8. Do you understand the other parent’s point of view better than you did before mediation?
  9. How much did the mediation help you to think about different ways to work with the other parent?
  10. Was the mediator active enough in helping you to work out the issues in the dispute?
  11. How well did the mediator understand what was important to you?
  12. Did the mediator treat you with respect?
  13. Did the mediator treat you fairly?
  14. Did the mediator push too hard to get you to settle?
  15. What was the outcome of the mediation?
  16. If you reached agreement, please answer the following questions:
  17. Are you clear about the details of the agreement?
  18. Do you have any doubts that the agreement will work?
  19. How satisfied are you with the outcome of the mediation?
  20. Regardless of the outcome, how satisfied are you with your overall experience in the mediation session(s)?
  21. Would you use mediation again?
  22. Please let us know more about your experience:
  23. Please help keep us informed about mediation services by answering the following questions about yourself. Your answers will remain completely confidential.
  24. Age Range
  25. Gender
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