What does the Jury Commission do?

About the Commission 
The Jury Commission is established by Illinois Compiled Statute.  The Jury Commission consists of three commissioners who are appointed by the Circuit Court.  Each serves a three-year term, on a rotating basis.

The duties of the commissioners are outlined by Illinois Compiled Statutes pertaining to obtaining a random selection of Peoria County citizens to serve as jurors.  The jury manager is appointed by the Circuit Court in conjunction with the commissioners.  The purpose of the Jury Commission is to provide the jurors necessary to serve the needs of the Circuit Court, and the state's attorney of Peoria County in a manner strictly outlined by Illinois Compiled Statutes.

The functions of the office of the Jury Commission are:

  • To follow the direction of the Circuit Court
  • Mailing juror questionnaires
  • Mailing juror summonses
  • To defer jurors
  • The assignment of jurors
  • To provide information and assistance to summoned jurors
  • The orientation of jurors
  • To provide verification of jury duty to employers
  • To ensure payment for jury service

These duties are accomplished in a fair manner to minimize the intrusion of jury duty into the lives of the citizens of Peoria County.

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