2024 Courtroom Assignments & Contact Info

Effective January 1, 2024 until further order of the Court

Only contact court clerks for scheduling purposes. Other questions should be directed to the appropriate Circuit Clerk's office.

  • Peoria County - (309) 672-6000
  • Tazewell County - (309) 477-2214
  • Marshall County - (309) 246-6435
  • Putnam County - (815) 925-7016
  • Stark County - (309) 286-5941

Peoria County

RoomDescriptionPresiding JudgeCourt Clerk Email
Traffic 1Hon. Katherine G. P. Legge121 clerk
123Traffic 2
Problem Solving Courts: Drug, Mental Health and Veterans'
Hon. Suzanne L. Patton

123 clerk
201General - order of protection, adoption, ordinance, civil mental health, small claims civil block time, attorney general paternity/child supportHon. Nathan R. Bach201 clerk
203Civil 3 - chancery, probate, foreclosure, miscellaneous remedies, evictionsHon. James A. Mack203 clerk
210Criminal 3 - post-indictment felony, post-conviction felony, svpHon. Katherine S. Gorman210 clerk
213Civil 1 - law jury, SC and LM juryHon. Frank W. Ierulli213 clerk
214Civil 2 - law jury, SC and LM juryHon. Stewart J. Umholtz
214 clerk
215Office of the Chief Circuit JudgeHon. Katherine S. GormanAdmin. Asst. to the Chief Judge
221Criminal 1 - post-indictment felony, post-conviction felonyHon. Paul P. Gilfillan221 clerk
222Criminal 2 - post-indictment felony, post-conviction felonyHon. John P. Vespa222 clerk
321Criminal 4 - bonding, misdemeanor, domestic violence (criminal), pre-indictment felonyHon. Mark E. Gilles321 clerk
322Domestic Relations 2
Hon. Caroline Borden Campion322 clerk
323Domestic Relations 1Hon. Daniel M. Cordis323 clerk
423Child Protection 2 - juvenile delinquency, abuse, neglectHon. Sean W. Donahue423 clerk
424Child Protection 1 - abuse, neglectHon. David A. Brown424 clerk

Tazewell County

RoomDescriptionPresiding JudgeCourt Clerk Email
101Civil/Criminal - law jury, chancery, ED, miscellaneous remedies, misdemeanor, ordinanceHon. Stephen A. Kouri101 clerk
104Child Protection - adoption, juvenile, minor guardianshipsHon. Timothy J. Cusack104 clerk
202Civil - LM, small claims, evictions, paternity, probate estates, taxHon. Alicia N. Washington202 clerk
207TrafficHon. Lisa Y. Wilson207 clerk
302Domestic RelationsHon. Derek G. Asbury302 clerk
308Criminal - felony, Problem Solving Courts, Presiding JudgeHon. Chris R. Doscotch308 clerk

Marshall, Putnam, & Stark Counties

RoomDescriptionPresiding JudgeCourt Clerk Email
AllPresiding JudgeHon. Paul E. BauerStark clerk, Marshall clerk, Putnam clerk