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Contact the courtroom here, or call the appropriate Circuit Clerk's office.

  • Peoria County - (309) 672-6000
  • Tazewell County - (309) 477-2214
  • Marshall County - (309) 246-6435
  • Putnam County - (815) 925-7016
  • Stark County - (309) 286-5941

Peoria County

Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID
121TrafficHon. Katherine Legge121 Zoom508-301-4669
123Traffic - DUIHon. Suzanne Patton123 Zoom960-071-4258
201CivilHon. Daniel Cordis201 Zoom523-318-1361
203CivilHon. Bruce Fehrenbacher203 Zoom320-515-7441
210Criminal- FelonyHon. Katherine Gorman210 Zoom454-832-1267
213 Civil -1 law jury,  LM Hon. Frank Ierulli213 Zoom346-483-7513
214Civil 2 - law jury, LMHon. Stewart Umholtz214 Zoom529-996-1400
221Criminal- FelonyHon. Kevin Lyons221 Zoom362-140-1092
222Criminal - FelonyHon. John Vespa222 Zoom580-660-1311
321Criminal (Misdemeanor)Hon. Sean Donahue321 Zoom847-157-6847
322Domestic RelationsHon. Alicia  Washington322 Zoom957-531-0756
323Domestic RelationsHon.  Lisa Wilson 323 Zoom383-494-9032
423Child Protection 2Hon. Mark Gilles423 Zoom523-428-4056
424Child Protection 1Hon. Derek Asbury424 Zoom508-235-3315

Tazewell County

Courtroom Division  Judge Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID
101 Civil/Criminal Hon. Paul Bauer 101 Zoom 263-906-4846
104 Child Protection Hon. David Brown 104 Zoom 244-099-8209
202 Civil Hon. Nathan Bach 202 Zoom 773-557-6907
207 Traffic Hon. Timothy Cusack 207 Zoom 749-437-6754
302 Domestic Relations Hon. Stephen Kouri 302 Zoom 258-908-9410
308 Criminal-Felony Hon. Chris Doscotch 308 Zoom 490-829-5678

Marshall, Putnam, & Stark Counties

Courtroom Division Judge Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID
Marshall Co. Courtroom All Hon. James A. Mack Zoom Link 619-627-7151
Putnam Co. Courtroom All Hon. James A. Mack Zoom Link 494-073-7897
Stark Co. Courtroom All Hon. James A. Mack Contact Circuit Clerk's Office