Pretrial Services


The Peoria County Pretrial Department follows the Pretrial Act of Illinois (725 ILCS 185). Pretrial Services is an independent division of the circuit court accountable to the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit and supervised by the Peoria County Director of Court Services. The goal of pretrial services is to reduce pretrial incarceration while ensuring the defendants attend all future court dates and do not commit additional criminal behavior.

Peoria County recognizes and adopts national evidence based research/practices for pretrial services. Pretrial Services main responsibilities are (but not limited to) interview individuals to provide verified criminal and social history information to the courts, conduct risk assessments, prepare bond reports with recommendation to the court in determining whether individuals can be released on a personal recognizance bond or reduced bond. Additionally, the Pretrial Services Department supervises individuals who were released from jail and ordered to conditions of bail.  

Contact Pretrial

Individuals seeking additional information about the Peoria County Pretrial Services Department may contact the Pretrial Supervisor, Alex Stephens, at 309.495.4963 or Director of Court Services, Mark Bronke, at 309.672.6958.