PREA Volunteer Orientation

Completing Orientation

All volunteers must complete the PREA Volunteer Orientation prior to beginning services with the facility. PREA Volunteer Orientation includes watching the below video and reading attached policies. Once the volunteer has completed the orientation process, they should sign the sign offs, acknowledging they understand facility policies and procedures. The Sign Off form must be submitted to the facility Compliance Administrator.

**Due to our current policies around mitigation for COVID-19, we require all of our volunteers to show proof of vaccination from COVID-19. We follow current CDC Guidelines for Congregate Settings and require all staff and volunteers to wear a face covering while in our facility.


  1. Policy 19-1 (PDF)
  2. Policy 19-2 (PDF)
  3. Policy 19-3 (PDF)
  4. Policy 19-4 (PDF)
  5. Policy 19-5 (PDF)
  6. Policy 19-6 (PDF)
  7. Policy 19-7 (PDF)
  8. Policy 19-8 (PDF)
  9. Policy 19-9 (PDF)
  10. Policy 3-7 (PDF)
  11. Policy 6-5a (PDF)

Volunteer Documents