Health Services


The detention center has a licensed registered nurse and a doctor available 24 hours a day. Any prescribed medications that a resident is currently taking will be continued during their stay, unless otherwise directed by the facility's medical staff. Residents are seen for physical examinations and mental health assessments as well as by their request and on an as need basis.

Mental Health

The detention center has a licensed mental health therapist available during business hours and contractual services for mental health needs 24 hours a day. The purpose of our mental health staff is to help residents with any concerns or problem that may arise during their stay in detention. Residents can request to speak to our mental health therapist at any time during their stay at JDC.

Upon a resident's admittance into the Juvenile Detention Center a suicide risk assessment, MAYSI II is administered to evaluate the mental state of each resident. Our Mental Health Staff conducts programming with the residents as well on a weekly basis. They currently utilize Forward Thinking Journaling and Thinking for Change-an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills.