Family Law Mediation

What We Do

Family Law Mediation is a court ordered program which encompasses parental decision making and parenting time issues. It is usually ordered by the Judges assigned to Family and Domestic Court when there are disputes that have risen out of these issues when the parties can not agree. The purpose is to teach the parties communication skills to make agreements as to how to parent their children without further court intervention.

Once mediation is ordered, a certified mediator is chosen at this time. The 10th Judicial Circuit of Illinois provides a list of Approved Mediators that may be used. A copy of this list is available on this website as well as Room 215 at the Peoria County Courthouse.


The Judge may also determine if an impediment to mediation exists. Impediments may include family violence, mental or cognitive impairment, alcohol abuse, or chemical dependency, or other circumstances which may render mediation inappropriate. Please note: an existence of one or more impediments does not excuse mediation automatically.

Additional Information

For more detailed information, please refer to our Local Mediation Rules. If you are interested in being placed on the 10th Judicial Circuit Approved Mediator List, please contact Ginny Hanley by phone at 309-495-5086, via email or via mail at Peoria County Courthouse.

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